What Happens In The End To Angel And Buffy And Does Spike Die??? Buffy The Vampire Slayer Answers

It was heavily rumored that Buffy would appear in Angel’s final season, but the idea was scrapped. During Angel’s fifth season, the series reached the landmark episode 100. In many ways, the angst between Darla and Angel puts all the melodrama between Buffy and Angel to shame. It’s probably for that reason that David Boreanaz thought that Darla was Angel’s soulmate, as he explained in a 2001 interview.

After the death of Buffy’s mother, Angel returned to Sunnydale to comfort Buffy, and the two spent a night discussing how life would continue after Joyce’s death. Angel assured Buffy that she was strong and would find her way over time, and offered to stay in Sunnydale as long as she needed him, though she knew that he could not stay for long. Nonetheless, Buffy appreciated that he came, and he remained with her until sunrise. Before the Mayor’s Ascension, Faith infected Angel with the Killer of the Dead, a poison that slowly killed vampires and could only be cured by the blood of a Slayer. Having failed to bring Faith to cure Angel, Buffy forced him to feed on her.

Gellar And Boreanaz Didn’t Take Their Romance Scenes Seriously

Having nearly killed Giles in the form of a Fyarl demon , Buffy immediately realized it was him when she had stabbed Giles. Buffy would later explain to Giles that she could tell it was him because of his “eyes” and the familiar annoyance they expressed. Buffy initially complied to these demands, telling Giles that she couldn’t lose him. On her first day at Sunnydale High, Buffy was shown to sympathize with Willow being a loner and school outcast, especially after Cordelia had bullied her. She had immediately tried to be friends with her, but then realized that she couldn’t hang out with her and Cordelia. She gave her advice on dating and saved her life from vampires, which was when they started to bond.

Angel receives word that Buffy has been ensnared by longtime rival, The Immortal. Angel goes rushing off to save Buffy, with Spike in tow, only to realize that Buffy is in a relationship with The Immortal. Buffy sacrifices herself to save her sister, Dawn, resulting in her death in season 5. Buffy’s friends bring her back to life, but she’s much worse for the wear. After her resurrection, Angel and Buffy have a phone conversation shown in their respective series. All that Buffy and Angel say of their reunion is that it was “intense.” To this day, no one knows what really happened when the two reunited.

He is also a step-father to his wife’s two children from her first marriage to actor Christian Slater. If you haven’t watched through the entirety of both “Buffy” and “Angel,” there will most likely be a lot of spoilers. Despite being the older one she clearly clung to Xander and took his lead on most things.

Joss Whedon Didn’t Care For The Couple

Buffy began to develop feelings for Xander, however, was rejected as he thought her feelings weren’t genuine. Instead, Xander ended up with Buffy’s sister, Dawn, which only feels the teeniest bit creepy. Cordelia’s actor, Charisma Carpenter, agreed with Abrams’ sentiment, adding that she believes Cordelia was the right person for Angel. BBPeopleMeet Despite Cordelia’s mean girl persona in Buffy, she quickly became Angel’s guiding light in Angel. 25 years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on The WB , the supernatural teen drama remains one of the most impactful cultural phenomena in television history. The staying power of the series, which began as a cult hit, is extraordinary.

Before dying and becoming a genuine Higher Power, she and Angel shared their first and only real kiss. She passed on one final vision to Angel, detailing the Circle of the Black Thorn. Because of her, Angel was able to stop the Apocalypse from coming to fruition from the inside out. After Buffy’s death, Cordelia was the most intuitive to Angel’s grief despite his efforts to hide it. Angel initially brushed off her attempts to tell him how he felt over Buffy, but eventually told her how he thought he was betraying her by still existing.

Why was Cordelia killed off Angel?

SMG offered to make a cameo in Angel’s series finale but Joss said no because the show wasn’t about her. Today, we have pulled 15 of the most memorable couples from the show and ranked them from worst to best. While some of these flings may have only lasted an episode or two, any true Buffy fan out there will understand why they made the cut. I’m pretty certain it was just a rumor started by Fox to bolster interest in the characters relationship and in the show… Angel had a very distinct appearance and style of dress, traditionally wearing full-length, black wool dusters, a light brown trench coat, or a shorter leather jacket, black trousers and black dress shoes. Although his dress shirts tend to vary in color, they were often in gem tones and other dark colors.


Cordelia Chase — Initially, Buffy and Cordelia were on friendly terms, as Cordelia had let her borrow her history book and asked her to join her clique because of her fashion sense. Buffy though disapproved of Cordy’s treatment of Willow and according to Willow, “could not legally be friends with a nerd and a popular ” , much to Buffy’s confusion. This friendliness quickly ended when Buffy had accidentally held Cordelia by a stake, believing her to be a vampire and afterwards Cordelia had decided to “call everyone she had ever met,” consequently destroying Buffy’s popularity. She then started acting arrogantly to Buffy constantly, thinking she was weird, causing Buffy to develop a medium dislike of her. Surprisingly though, Cordelia seemed to be the most sympathetic and understanding in her own way of Buffy’s self-imposed exile after killing Angel, even standing up against Xander. Though she did mean well and just wanted to help, her choice of phrasing seemed to make things worse for Buffy, tactlessly calling Buffy a “freak of nature” and Angel as well.

Angel eventually agreed to leave the paradise and fight by Buffy’s side. Buffy was certain that they would inevitably have sex when both of them were ready. Neither of them were ready to part when Angel was tasked with leaving Sunnydale for a number of months to hide a piece of the Judge’s body, a powerful demon that would awake Spike and Drusilla reassembled his constituent body parts. However, Angel jumped into a body of water to help Buffy, which allowed Spike’s minions to retake the piece that Buffy has recovered. Buffy and Angel sneaked into Spike’s lair to check the current status on the Judge, who quickly spotted them. Spike attempted to have the Judge kill Buffy by burning out her humanity while Angel watched, but they managed to escape.