Aquarius Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Interestingly, they’re not a match when it comes to their stars. Zooey’s a Capricorn and Jacob’s a Gemini, which can create a challenging and sometimes awkward relationship. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have been called an undeniable force in the music industry, but what about their personal relationship compatibility?

Still spend a lot of time every day convincing myself I don’t need her. We have this connection I’m sure and even though we’ve never discussed it, I know she feels it too. Because my heart is somewhere else and none of them deserve the mess of a broken heart that I have left. She didn’t ask for it and I didn’t decide to give it. It is what it is and nothing has changed in all this time.

Aries doesn’t have the emotional or mental ability to deal with anyone’s neediness. Capricorns, at least, are capable of doing their own thing, without feeling like they need to be attached to their partner. But still, although not in the top three when it comes to toxicity with Aries, it’s best for these two signs to avoid each other. Aries and Pisces, on the other hand, can easily find themselves in a very unbalanced partnership. Rams tend to be more selfish in relationships, while Pisces tend to be very selfless.

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I hate to be this blunt but I’ve had to learn this lesson too- unfortunately, just because you give someone time and effort it doesn’t mean they owe you anything in return. People can’t control their emotions or desires but they CAN control their actions. But that doesn’t mean it’s meant to be- closure is nice but we aren’t owed it. Give them space and don’t expect them to return, they in all likelihood will not, do not wait for them, move on with your life and take care of yourself.

It is very rare for a Gemini as an Air sign, to be practical and find the way to manifest what they’ve read or heard about in the realm of reality and physical body. Their biggest quality is the ability to learn. With their desire to become great lovers, they will absorb knowledge through each of their relationship like a sponge. Friendships are plentiful for the Aquarius man as he delights in meeting new people no matter the type.

Naturally, he has traits representative of independence, creativity, and intellect. His personality is attracted to others on the same page with him in terms of creativity and progress. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini tends to boast a personality that is driven by effective communication and intellect much like an Aquarius man. A Gemini woman is opinionated, thoughtful and intelligent. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 27,062 times. Try going to their house and surprising them in a seductive way!

They are not a perfect match in astrology, but their connection can become tighter than any other in the zodiac. They know from the moment they lay eyes on one another that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Meanwhile, the hard part is getting either of them to make a commitment. Neither of them is quick to say yes or make a lasting decision. They seem to change their mind and go back and forth a lot. Many people wonder if the couple is really good for each other, but Gemini and Pisces know the truth in their hearts.

They both have intellectual curiosity.

Since you’re both air signs, you’re known for your totally original viewpoints and your keen intellect. Don’t forget to appreciate him for who he is, too. He’ll feel comfortable and relaxed if he knows that you aren’t trying to change him. Few signs are as compatible as Aquarius and Gemini—lucky for you! As air signs, you’re both some of the most individual and eclectic personalities of the zodiac.

If love becomes a routine or fails to excite him, he will surely lose interest soon. Be creative in your expressions and keep it light and fun when he is around or he’ll feel trapped. Stop being too available for the Aquarius man.

They should be candid about what they’re looking for and clear if they feel timid about commitment. They might shy away from the relationship and turn flakey if they don’t talk it over. Spiritually and sexually, everything was perfect. A year later, we formalized our relationship. Then he returned and lied about his departures. If there is a value that these two signs fully understand, it is the value of freedom.

This is not always the case because some of the Aquarius’ weirdness can be a show off, designed by their need to mend their turbulent Sun. Still, it is exciting for them both to enter this relationship – Aquarius to surprise and Gemini to follow them wherever they go. Their main activity to be shared is movement. They could drive thousands of miles just to find a specific ice cream or for no reason at all. Mostly they can do anything together, from travelling and clubbing, to reading labels and instructions on the use of different kitchenware. They’ll undoubtedly have heated discussions at times, as both feel confident in their intellectuality.

Double texting, freaking out when you don’t reply or constantly asking you about your day are some things you can expect from your Gemini boyfriend. One of the best things about dating a Gemini is that they will love you dearly, but spare you any drama. Gemini men express love by being earnest, heartfelt and honest instead of having uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

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I hope and pray that we will be together forever, because I feel that she is a part of me, and she knows how to get to me. She works, and I am retired and I am willing to relocate for us to be together. We are already calling each other hubby and wifey, that’s how much in love we are with each other. He is 9 years older than me but I don’t really feel like he really is, we get along too well.

If you have the hots for an Aquarius guy and want to become the center of his attention in a romantic relationship, there is something you need to bring to the party. The Aquarius male is something like the misfit of the zodiac. Because of this, you would think that he would connect with other misunderstood signs, which he no doubt does. In reality, they will do anything for their loved ones, expecting the same in return. Since they have strong views and opinions, Aquarius dads can expect a lot from their children.