Should You Accept Bitcoin As Payment? The Ultimate Guide

Keep going by hitting on the button “Install Now” to get it installed to your WooCommerce. As soon as you have successfully installed the plugin, you will click on the button “Activate”. To use Coinbase Commerce Payment Gateway, it is necessary to download as well as install it for use. First and foremost, you need to head to the section “Plugins” and choose “Add New”. These sections are from the admin page on your WordPress site.

  • Cryptocurrency is no longer just an asset class, but a popular digital payment method.
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, that works without a central bank or single administrator.
  • Which Cryptocurrency plugin will you select to help you accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress?
  • Whether to accept a digital currency with no government backing, little regulation and a potentially complicated transaction process isn’t a simple decision to make.
  • It’s an exciting form of digital currency; easily transferable, secure, and anonymous.
  • It’s been a rough roller-coaster ride over the past few years, with Chinese government policies resulting in massive crypto price swings.

So you aren’t excluding those who haven’t got credit cards, or a PayPal account, from making a purchase on your site. By the end of reading, you will know how to set up the taking of Bitcoin payments with WordPress. And you will have a good understanding of the services and plugins available to help you do so. That means that if you plan to hold on to your Bitcoin payments, instead of exchanging them into other currencies, you’ll run the risk of your payments losing value. Roughly 40% of customers who pay with crypto are new customers.

Digital Paybox

Once a customer has paid in Bitcoin, you will receive the corresponding amount in Euros. And as Mollie processes all your Bitcoin payments with WordPress and sends it directly to your bank, you won’t even need a Bitcoin wallet. If use WooCommerce on your site, and Bitpay sounds like the right payment processor service for you, then the Bitpay Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is a great option. To get started with Bitpay, simply sign into your account and add a new API token for your WooCommerce Store. CoinGate is a natural for WooCommerce sites, as it enables you to receive payment for products in numerous cryptocurrencies.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency

In the end, this is extremely impressive, given the fact that the concept of digital currency is a very new part of our modern economy. The next step would be to add an easily accessible payment button/window to your website if you have one, or to a QR code in your shop. This will allow your customers to easily pay with Bitcoin. In 2020 alone, Bitcoin saw a price increase of over 300%. This partially explains Bitcoin’s newfound success and acceptance, as many investors have gotten very rich off of the cryptocurrency.

Stripe Vs Square For WordPress Ecommerce

It presents a challenge in that the legal and accounting teams at a business need to stay informed. It’s been a rough roller-coaster ride over the past few years, with Chinese government policies resulting in massive crypto price swings. As recently as May 2021, the country decided to clamp down on crypto trading with a near-complete ban.

In your E-Commerce Store, how to accept Cryptocurrency? – Native News Online

In your E-Commerce Store, how to accept Cryptocurrency?.

Posted: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 21:35:33 GMT [source] needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Shopify has made the set-up process for this pretty easy. There is no limit for withdrawal and the fee is just 1 percent. And it integrates easily with any wallet that supports Xpub. In this case you’ll want to select the Business option, then enter your country and other required information.

Many people get paid in crypto these days and it is easier for them to spend it than convert it. I discovered stores could accept crypto on Etsy when I was looking for somewhere to spend some. Bitpay can send funds to banks in over 200 countries, and in numerous currencies. It is also integrated with over 40 eCommerce platforms and solutions, supporting, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Shopify, and many more.

Great Reasons To Get Paid In Bitcoin

Since its move from China, this 4-year-old company has continued to grow exponentially. Today, Binance plays a huge role in Bitcoin exchange and transactions. Each day there’s over $1 million spent on goods and services with Bitcoin in the U.S. As of May 2022, there were roughly 260,000 Bitcoin transactions per day in the U.S.

Customer interest levels are high, at an average of 34% across verticals. The IRS treats cryptocurrencies as ‘virtual currency’, which is treated as property for tax purposes. Your income is subject to tax at the same rates whether you receive cash or crypto. The main difference arises when you use the cryptocurrency to pay for purchases, sell it, or trade it for another type of crypto. Crypto has no borders, so people from literally anywhere can buy from you.

Additional reasons that prevent higher adoption rates include security & risk concerns and difficulty of use. Enable other payment methodsYour customers can now checkout without using Etsy payments, all they have to do is select the Other option at checkout. As you can see, there are a variety of plugins and methods available to enable you to process and accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress. The tools you choose should depend solely on your site, and the needs of your audience.

If you look at their support page on, you see that everyone is closing their account because reaching to this amount may take a long time. Dive into the world of cryptocurrency and NFT philanthropy with our in-depth reports and guides. There are also some, although very rare, services that offer to do your taxes for you if you’re based in the US, for example.

For instance, Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut all accept Bitcoin. An estimated 2,300 businesses now accept Bitcoin in the U.S. Even more incredible is that this 86.8% is almost entirely spread across only 12 major companies. The only other country with a considerable amount of Bitcoin holdings is Canada, which is only at 9.3%.

This digital platform and online wallet service can deal with payments from your WordPress website in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. These cryptocurrencies can then be sent to your altcoin wallet or exchanged by CoinBase into your local currency and sent to your bank account. Generally, it’s not a major problem since brands price their products in a fiat currency like pounds or euros. To issue a refund, they would send the fiat amount to their payment gateway, which would then change it into cryptocurrency using the current exchange rate and refund it to the customer. Or if the brand handled the transaction, they would do it. Regulators generally treat cryptocurrencies as intangible assets rather than currencies.

How Did Bitcoin Come This Far?

Blockonomics enables you to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments. And with their WordPress Bitcoin Payments plugin you can accept these as forms of payment via WooCommerce. But that’s how to accept litecoin payments not even the best part – Blockonomics send payments to your wallet rather than a payment gateway. So you get your money faster, safer and you even save on fees when withdrawing.

Donate More, Pay Less Taxes

However, taking payments online in Bitcoin is becoming more and more common. So if you run an eCommerce store, or accept payments online for services or other reasons, then offering Bitcoin payment options is a good idea. Right after you create your wallet, most of them will let you generate an address that you can show on your website or store, and tell people to send their coins to that one.

However, GoUrl will not transfer Bitcoin into cash, it will only forward payments to your Bitcoin wallet. This plugin will also accept other cryptocurrencies on your WordPress website including Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash, and many more. One of the easiest ways to accept Bitcoin in your store is to use a payment processor with existing point-of-sale integration.

There are also some exceptions for gifting and donating cryptocurrencies, which may not be taxable either. Accepting crypto payments provides your customers with greater flexibility, giving them a more delightful experience. First you’ll need to install and activate plugin on your WordPress site, then just fill out the necessary plugin info. I think for GoURL you add your public and private Bitcoin key, then you can accept payments via custom products, downloads, views or memberships.

Bitpay Checkout For Woocommerce

But for those that do hang on to the cryptocurrency they receive, there can be additional accounting involved, since there can be tax and cash-flow implications. Unlike a credit card, a crypto wallet can be anonymous, raising the threat of illicit transactions. Brands don’t always want to hold large amounts in a crypto wallet. Often they will use a custodian, whether a bank or a fintech firm, to store and protect their funds. In those cases, they need to look into how it’s licensed and any protections it has against issues like theft or bankruptcy.

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